The Ultimate Guide To Phap Luan Cong

namo An exclamation exhibiting reverence; devotion. Normally placed in front of the name of an item of veneration, e.

This is often also the point of confluence among the Ruak River (which follows the Thai–Myanmar border) and also the Mekong. The area of the tripoint is sometimes termed the Golden Triangle, although the phrase also refers back to the much larger space of Those people 3 international locations that was notorious as a drug manufacturing region.

dhammavinaya The dharma and vinaya (about "doctrine and self-control") thought of together. This time period essentially signifies The full teachings of Buddhism as taught to monks

These complex drainage techniques have formulated in a very location exactly where the underlying geological composition is heterogeneous and Lively, and is also the foremost variable controlling the course of rivers as well as landscapes they carve out.[38]

Rohatsu On a daily basis ordinarily honored because the day of your Buddha's enlightenment. Even though deep in meditation under a bodhi tree, he attained enlightenment upon observing the early morning star just at dawn; celebrated about the 8th working day possibly of December or from the 12th month from the lunar calendar

koan A story, question, problem or assertion usually inaccessible to rational comprehension, but might be obtainable to Intuition

The elevation in the Tibetan Plateau in the Tertiary period of time was an important factor in the genesis in the south-west monsoon,[39] and that is the dominant climatic Command influencing the hydrology of the Mekong Basin. Knowing the nature and timing from the elevation of Tibet (and the Central Highlands of Vietnam) hence will help reveal the provenance of sediment reaching the delta and the Tonle Sap Great Lake nowadays. Reports of your provenance of sediments within the Mekong delta expose An important change within the supply of sediments about eight million several years back (Ma).

Phnom Penh itself has no bridge beneath design however, Despite the fact that two new bridges have recently opened within the Tonle Sap, and the leading bridge over the freeway to Ho Chi Minh was duplicated in 2010.

Tib: རྟེན་ཅིང་འབྲེལ་བར་འབྱུང་བ་ rten cing `brel bar `byung ba

Pratyekabuddha/Paccekabuddha, lit. "a buddha by his possess", A buddha who reaches enlightenment on his personal

The interior drainage designs of the Mekong are strange in comparison to Individuals of other huge rivers.

In the wars in Indochina from the nineteen seventies, a substantial number of explosives (occasionally, entire barges loaded with military ordnance) sank during the Cambodian section from the Mekong (and also in the region's other waterways). Besides becoming a Threat for fishermen, unexploded ordnance resource also creates issues for bridge and irrigation techniques development.

Compare it to ... has Google PR six and its top search term is "ngang bằng tiêu chuẩn tâm tính".

Narrower and a lot more turbulent sections of water while in the upstream aspects of the Mekong River, coupled with huge once-a-year h2o level variations continue on to existing a challenge to navigation. The seasonal variations in drinking water degree specifically have an effect on trade During this segment on the river. click over here Volumes of trade currently being transported decrease by a lot more than fifty per cent, generally as a result of diminished draughts out there during the reduced h2o season (June–January).

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