The Phap Luan Cong Diaries

samanera/shramanera A male beginner monk, who, after a 12 months or right up until the ripe age of twenty, will likely be viewed as for the higher Bhikkhu ordination

For Considerably of its size the Mekong flows through bedrock channels, i.e., channels that happen to be confined or constrained by bedrock or outdated alluvium in the bed and riverbanks.[3] Geomorphologic functions normally connected with the alluvial stretches of mature rivers, such as meanders, oxbow lakes, Reduce-offs, and substantial floodplains are restricted to a short extend in the mainstream close to Vientiane and downstream of Kratie the place the river develops alluvial channels that are freed from Management exerted with the underlying bedrock.

geshe A Tibetan Buddhist tutorial diploma in the Gelug tradition, awarded within the summary of lengthy research normally lasting nine many years or maybe more

This is also the point of confluence involving the Ruak River (which follows the Thai–Myanmar border) along with the Mekong. The realm of this tripoint is typically termed the Golden Triangle, Even though the time period also refers back to the much bigger location of Those people three nations around the world that was notorious like a drug creating location.

The Mekong basin is not really normally thought of a seismically Lively spot as much in the basin is underlain through the comparatively steady continental block. However, the aspects of the basin in northern Laos, northern Thailand, Myanmar and China do expertise Regular earthquakes and tremors.

bhavacakra/bhavacakka A circular symbolic representation of samsara, often known More Info as Wheel of turning into

The three Major brings about of unskillful action that result in the creation of "negative" karma; the a few root kleshas:

dakini A supernatural feminine with unstable temperament who serves being a muse for spiritual observe. Dakinis tend to be depicted bare to represent the reality

dhamma/dharma Frequently refers to the doctrines and teachings with the religion, however it could have broader works by using. Also, it is a crucial technical expression that means a thing like "phenomenological constituent.

Laos lies Just about entirely in the decreased Mekong basin. Its local weather, landscape and land use are the foremost aspects shaping the hydrology on the river. The mountainous landscape signifies that only 16 percent of your state is farmed less than lowland terrace or upland shifting cultivation.[8] With upland shifting agriculture (slash and burn), soils recover inside of 10 to twenty years however the vegetation doesn't. Shifting cultivation is common inside the uplands of northern Laos and is described to account for as much as click this site 27 p.c of the overall land under rice cultivation.

" This causes the browse around these guys likely for confusion, puns, and double entendres, given that the latter which means normally has unfavorable connotations

mahasiddha litt. fantastic spiritual accomplishment. A yogi in Tantric Buddhism, frequently connected to the highest levels of enlightenment

ahimsa The devotion to non-violence and regard for all sorts of daily life. Practicers of ahimsa are frequently vegetarians or vegans

Dalai Lama, lit. "the lama with knowledge like an ocean", secular and spiritual leader of Tibet as nominated through the Mongols

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